Cash Flow Protection Made Simple!

MS Consulting Group has been assisting businesses – just like yours – in debtor management and dispute resolution for over 15 years.

We can improve your business’s cash flow and protect you from bad debts and potential litigation through a range of solutions.

Simply contact us to find out how!


What Protection Do You Have from the Risk of incurring Bad Debts?

Simply put – we help you get paid on time and reduce the cost to your business from Slow-Paying Customers.

Many business owners have shared similar stories where their cash flow has been impacted. If scenarios such as these affect you, the good news is, we can help!.

We Provide

Professional Advice

We offer your business a free health check on your current engagement procedures with your Customers and offer you proven solutions to expidite your collections without effecting the relationship values with your Customers.

Seamless Application

Our solutions work alongside your current systems and it simply makes the task of collections much easier! We offer 24/7 support with collection challenges – as if we are there in the office beside you!.

No Resistance from Staff

We dont change how your team operates, but instead we augment your resourses to maximise your teams effort that results in faster collections and a reduction in your Debtor Days Outstanding!.

MS Consulting Group

Having grown from a small debt collection business, it was found that over 70% of our clients had insufficient agreements between themselves and their Debtors. Many others that had Terms and Conditions had not correctly applied them or indeed they were severely out of date!