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With the inevitable challenges ahead with the high cost of credit and the hikes in the cost of borrowing, now,  like never before, a business that offers credit to Customers, must have the strongest Credit Management Policies in place. 

MSCG will get you top of the Priority Payment List with minimal disruption to your business and zero resistance to chage from your accounts staff.




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What We Do

Simply put- we help you get paid on time and reduce the cost to your business in offering credit to your Customers

Professional Advice

With no obligation on your part, we will carry out an initial evaluation of your collection procedures and make recommendations as to how you can make improvements with minimal disruption and intrusion to your staff  and  reduce your Credit Days Outstanding 

Seamless Application

With our easy-to-apply system, we can show you how to get you prioritised with your Customers when it’s time to settle accounts.


Be Compliant

All this is covered. Just ask..

Terms and Conditions of Trade Documentation is just one part of the overall system.

Having correct terms and conditions in place will mean; They will help protect against the loss of profit, provide indemnity from potential liabilities, provide the advantage of reservation of title until goods are paid for (available in most circumstances where goods are sold) Improve cash flow and reduce the cost of monitoring payments.  Ease of resolving disputes amicably whilst retaining the relationship values with your Customers.

MS Consulting Group

MS Consulting Group was formed out of a need to offer providers of Goods and Services, the in-house tools and assistance from the threat from delinquent or slow-paying debtors.

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