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MS Consulting Group was formed out of a need to offer providers of Goods and Services, in-house tools and assistance to minimise the risk from delinquent or slow-paying debtors.


MS Consulting Group

Having grown from a small debt collection business, it was found that over 70% of our clients had insufficient agreements between themselves and their Debtors. Many others that had Terms and Conditions had not correctly applied them or indeed they were severely out of date!

Debtors can easily get a collector to retreat by simply complaining

About the quality of services, long after the account was due to be paid. Another ploy to defer payment is to set-off the entire account because they have a dispute or query, and then they make it difficult for the supplier to resolve that very same query.

Without having the correct ‘rules of the game’ established, providers of credit are running the risk of relying on the goodwill that exists with their customers, in the hope that they will play fair when it’s time to pay.